Horse, Dapple Grey

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Height 7"                         Fun facts:

Horses are never born grey! The gene that is responsible for a grey horse is a color modifying gene. Grey horses are, genetically, another color. They may be black, bay, chestnut or patterned. The grey gene will eventually fade the pigment of the horse's coat and cause it to turn grey. Many grey horses will be a dark steel grey by 18 months, start showing dapples on a dark grey coat by 2 and over the course of the next 5 or 6 years the dapples will become fainter until dapples are no longer visible and the horse appears completely white. Many grey horses will remain white but some gray horses will begin to gain flecks of black in their coat. Some horses will keep dark dapples into their twenties and some grey horses will be snow white by their second birthday. Just enjoy having a horse who's color you'll never grow tired of!